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Veil Tiara, Handbags, Jewellery

The Glittering Add-Ons

A wedding can never be called a proper wedding without the essential trimmings. It’s tantamount to having a cake without the cream dressing on top. A wedding dress without the veil, the tiara, the glittering, specially crafted handbag and equally shimmering jewellery worn around the neck, ears, wrists and fingers would definitely draw exchanged looks of disappointment and disapproval. Don’t be caught in the crossfire and do the right thing by pepping up the wedding dress with the traditional accessories that go with it.

The Nuptial Ring

When a woman pulls off her wedding ring in front of her hubby and throws it away, it is definitely a sign of quitting; throwing in the towel and calling everything off. The wedding ring is the signage, the symbol of a compact between a man and a women and a sign to society that a couple is bonded for life. The nuptial ring is an integral part of marriage and without it, a marriage is simply a meaningless ceremony.

The Perfect Head Adornment

On her wedding day, a woman wants to experience the felling of royalty, the feeling of being special, of being on top of the world. The perfect regalia to broadcast that special feeling lie in a glittering tiara fit for a princess. It portends to what the groom thinks of his bride for life that motivates a reciprocal wave of endearment and appreciation on the part of the bride. The tiara is a wedding accessory that must be made part of a wedding ceremony to make it both authentic and bonding.

The Glitter Below the Neckline

Nothing compares to the glitter of a necklace that adorns the neck of a bride. It portrays social stature, respect, endearment and many other sentiments that pulsate from the groom, parents, relatives and even society as a whole. It complements the feeling of royalty, a feeling of being special for that one very special moment and it is a feeling that every woman wants to experience, an experience that will linger for the rest of a woman’s days. Yes, a jewel necklace is very much part of the whole wedding regalia.