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The major brands and celebrity choices

The Celebrity Choice

The perfect couture wedding dress is the most alluring item on any wedding checklist but if you are a celebrity the choice tends to be even more exquisitely first class. These connoisseurs of the ultimate in anything social, especially weddings, always desire the best and they always get the best from designers of the very best brands in town. Since we are talking about the very best, we will discuss the very top 3 wedding dress designers.

The Apex Brands

  • Ines di Santo – a high-end wedding dress designer with an Italian background legacy renowned for exquisite, exacting and mesmerizing designs of pure beauty and elegance. Her designs have graced the floors of many cathedrals and enthralled countless celebrities who hunger for perfect couture designs of wedding dresses. Her designs focus entirely on femininity that touts exact fit, original ideas and a superb construction process. Her personal involvement is critical for outstanding finishes to her products.
  • Pronovias – Perhaps the best wedding dress designing company on the North American continent also with a European heritage, run by the late Manuel Mota. The high level of designing skills in producing top end wedding gowns of immaculate quality and elegance is the hallmark of the company. Its sensitivity to feminine tastes and preferences has enlisted the designing firm’s talents to embark on highly delicate projects. Such projects include the creation of dresses for some the most renowned supermodels of our time. Subtly hidden pockets placed on cascading and wide trains feature the standard qualities of the firm’s creations.
  • Marchesa – This New York based brand is perhaps the most iconic of all high-end women’s wear in the US. It’s multifarious high-end products attract high profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Lopez, Olivia Wild to name only a few. If it’s for the women, let the women do it and that’s exactly what Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have done. They have established a company that shimmers with exciting high-end women wear, the likes of which are very hard to find anywhere else. The list of course includes the latlatest in couture wedding dress design.